The Weird Secret To Free Electricity – The Generator

Free energy is possible. In 1937 Tesla made a discovery that would change the world. Make sure to read this article all the way through, because in a few moments I will give you the plans to build your own energy generator.

free energy generator plans

Tesla discovered how to harness radiant energy. Radiant energy is very similar to solar, and are electromagnetic waves that come to earth from the sun. This radiant energy is abundant, and is constantly flowing to earth. According to tesla, this energy is so abundant that the sun does not even need to be shining in order to harness is.

To harness it, Tesla designed a free energy generator that could harness all this energy. Tesla planned to distribute all this new free energy through the air using radio waves. If completed, anyone in the world could tap into this source without any bulky wires.

As tesla was looking for funding, everyone turned him away. At this time the electricity industry was just starting to take off, and dozens of new power plants were currently being built. When tesla came out with his idea to create free energy and distribute it, it shocked investors. Not wanting to loose all the money invested in the current electric system, the investor’s formed a secret pact to not finance his plans.

Fast forward 90 years, people are starting to change all that. Everyday more and more people are converting to building radiant energy generator. These free electricity generators only require minimal investment and will pay for themselves many times over. Some users even sell electricity back to the power companies, and make money off of it.

While its not difficult to build one of these devices, it is necessary to get the proper plans. Tesla got us extremely far, but there were still some modifications needed in order to prefect his generator.

Luckily, these plans are currently available. You can access them by clicking here.

Warning – These plans may not be available for long. These are currently the only working plans available and there are many energy moguls trying to get this information taken down. Make sure to look at them while you can.

Click Here For Free Energy


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